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This map case made of silnylon protects your maps from the rain while you walk or during orienteering races.

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Ultralight Map Case

From Pennsylvania (USA), Equinox manufactures these very lightweight map holders.

When to Use It

On medium and long-distance routes, it is very important to check the map over and over. The aim is to follow the marked path and not deviate, ensuring a safe mountain experience.
Although the trend is moving towards digital, you reduce risks by carrying a printed map version. The map holders protect your maps regardless of the weather.


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Zippered opening and available in various sizes. We’ve looked at sizes M and L as they have the standard dimensions ideal for most market maps.
There are grips on each end in case you want to hang it around your neck. You can also attach it to the backpack at the belt area. It all depends on the type of hip belt or fanny pack you have.

Made of Silnylon and Clear Vinyl

It uses a very thin fabric, a nylon Ripstop impregnated with silicone (Silnylon). Silicone is a hydrophobic material (water-repellent), thus achieving a highly waterproof fabric. It also has a certain elasticity, just like the nylon itself, making it more resistant to pulls and tears.
For map visibility, they use a type of clear vinyl.


  • Weight: 156gr.
  • Available colors: green and blue.

Size Charts



Size M 25 x 14cm
Size L 31 x 24cm
Coverage 0.7m2



Size M 113gr
Size L 120gr
Coverage 0.7m2


Ratings and Reviews

  1. Marc Domingo  

    Se ve resistente y vinilo esta muy bien, he cogido el tamaño mediano que para llevar el tramo va bien, aunque pensandolo bien, hubiera preferido el tamaño grande para no tener que sacarlo para ampliar. aun asi, muy contento con el

  2. Joaquim Mejias   (verified owner)

    Material excelente, ligero y con buenos acabados

  3. Joaquim Mejias   (verified owner)

    Buen material, resistente y ligero.
    Medida para mapas.

  4. Cristina   (verified owner)

    Justo lo que necesitábamos. Muy buen material, muy ligero.

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