I reduced the weight of my backpack because it’s awful to be a pack mule!

It’s terrible to feel joint discomfort, back pain, and foot soreness.

I simply said, “Enough is enough! It’s over!

My name is Javier, and I have been walking for many years. Now I walk with my wife and children.

In 2018, I created SuperLigero with the aim of selling ultralight hiking gear. These are the same products I have been using for years.

Over time, I have learned to walk faster, more comfortably, and safely with less weight. I explain it in the articles I write on the blog.

I also enjoy going hiking in the Pyrenees to test the products I sell. If you have any doubts about using a product, fabric, or if you simply want to join me on the next outing, feel free to write to me. 🙂

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Whatsapp: (+34) 634 052 511