UL Tarp 3×3



It has a generous and versatile size that allows for many configurations to protect you from the sun, wind, or rain. Made of silnylon and with 13 attachment points.

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Ultralight Mountain Tarp 3×3

Manufactured in Poland by the brand Bushmen Travel Gears, this ultralight mountain tarp might not be the lightest, but its weight-livability ratio makes it a very valid option compared to other tarps of the same size.

When to use it

A tarp or canvas is basically a waterproof fabric sheet that can be set up by tying it with ropes to trees, using trekking poles or rocks to form a shelter.Tarps are the lightest shelters you can find.
Also, you won’t suffer from condensation, it’s easy to take down, and dries very quickly.

Ultralight mountain tarp

Photo by @outdooroskar


It is designed with 13 reinforced attachment points which, combined with its large 3×3 size, offer a large number of setup options. Moreover, thanks to its material, this shelter is perfect for camping on any terrain.
As its name suggests, it has a surface area of 3 x 3 meters, providing enough space for one person and all their gear.

Ultralight mountain tarp
Photo by @Bushmen

Made of 15D silnylon rip-stop

Silnylon is a type of fabric that combines nylon and silicone, making it resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, it’s a very lightweight, durable, and waterproof material.
It also features rip-stop, a grid-shaped reinforcement that alternates thicker threads in a grid pattern to prevent cuts from spreading.
Ultralight mountain tarp
Photo by @Bushmen


  • Dark olive green color.
  • 13 attachment points.
  • Includes transport bag.
  • 6 tension cords.

Measurement Tables

Weight 480gr
Capacity 2.2 m2
Vestibule 1.4 m2 (2 vestibules)
Interior height 1.1 m


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