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With just the right size for 1 person and all their gear, it has an ultralight weight and a volume that you will hardly notice in your backpack. Made of 10D Silnylon, with sealed seams and multiple attachment points.

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Individual Tarp

The Solo Tarp individual tarp is designed by Gossamer Gear in Texas (United States) and will be your best choice when the goal is to carry a shelter for one person with minimal weight and just enough protection for spending the night.

When to use it

Most individual tarps are quite large and not really suitable for hikers seeking to travel very light and save space in their backpacks. The Solo Tarp is simply a waterproof, lightweight, and flexible silnylon sheet with space for one person and all their gear.
With a channel design and 3 attachment points on each side, it ensures stable and secure setup even in strong winds.

lona individual


All seams are factory-sealed. It is ultra-compact when stored, taking up minimal space that you’ll hardly notice you’re carrying it. Which is saying a lot! Setting up and storing this tarp is extremely straightforward.
Its cut is not symmetrical; the front part of the tarp is higher and wider. This is done to improve wind flow and create more livable space for taller individuals.

lona individual
Photo by gossamergear

Made of 10D Nylon Sil/UTS

The Solo Tarp individual hiking tarp is constructed with a 10-denier high-density nylon fabric impregnated with silicone on one side (Sil) and a mix of UTS (Ultra Tear Strength) on the other.
Silicone is a hydrophobic material (repels water), resulting in a highly waterproof fabric. UTL is an improved alternative to Polyurethane (Pu) coating. Together, they make the nylon fabric very elastic and resistant to tears and pulls.


Photo by @roaming_solo


  • Color: Gray.
  • Protects from rain, sun, and dust.
  • Compact and ultralight.
  • Allows for a variety of configurations.
  • Comes with its own storage bag.
  • Perfect for hammock camping as well.

Size Charts


Tarp 213g
Storage Bag 5g


Standard Configuration Dimensions

Ground Length 272cm
Front Width 213cm
Rear Width 152cm
Height 112cm


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