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Walk through the desert under scorching sun or intense summer rains with an umbrella designed for it. It has a large silver surface to reflect the sun’s rays. Constructed with carbon fiber to avoid electric shocks in a storm. It features a simple, durable, and lightweight mechanism.

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Ultralight Hiking Umbrella

The Silver Shadow Carbon ultralight hiking umbrella is designed by Six Moon Design in the United States. The handle is made of foam, making it comfortable and pleasant to hold in your hand. A Velcro strap keeps it securely stored, making it convenient to carry on the side of your backpack.

Use under the Sun

If your intention is to hike in very hot places where it’s challenging to find shade, an umbrella can be a great relief. It provides extensive coverage and protection against the sun, preventing dehydration, sunburn, and keeping you cooler.
The silver coating reflects the sun’s rays so that the umbrella doesn’t absorb heat and become an oven underneath.

Ultralight Hiking Umbrella

Photo by sixmoondesigns

Use under the Rain

An umbrella is an alternative to carrying specific rain gear on your adventure.
Its entire structure is made of carbon fiber, which does not conduct electricity. There is no metal, and the reason they designed it this way is to avoid getting electrocuted by summer storm lightning 🙂

Ultralight Hiking Umbrella

Photo by sixmoondesigns

Made of Carbon Fiber

Using carbon fiber for the structure is a smart choice. It reduces the weight by 40% compared to other models on the market.
Ultralight Hiking Umbrella

Photo by cdank13


  • Weight: 193g.
  • UPF 50+ protection.
  • Length: 63.5cm.
  • Open Width: 94cm.
  • Coverage: 0.7 m2.
  • Fiberglass frame.
  • EVA foam handle for a secure grip.

Reviews and Ratings

  1. rocio  

    Estupendo paraguas que he usado para el Camino De Santiago, de calidad y gran robustez. Mango antideslizante muy cómodo y se sujeta bien la la nómbrelas.

  2. José  

    Utilizada en el Camino Portugués como sombrilla. Era la envidia del resto de caminantes!! Se nota su efecto en días de calor y apenas cuando lo llevas en la mochila.

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