Siphon Alcohol Stove



Very lightweight and small, yet incredibly efficient. You can boil half a liter of water in just 4-5 minutes. Made of titanium, it is very strong and durable.

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Alcohol Stove

This ultralight alcohol stove is manufactured in California, USA, by Toaks Outdoor. It is amazingly small, easy to use, efficient, safe, lightweight, and some might even say beautiful.

When to use it

Stoves of this type have a simple design, and their fuel, alcohol, is cheap and easy to find. However, alcohol stoves are not the most powerful. If you are a high mountain hiker accustomed to winter routes, you will know that you need to choose other heat sources with more power, such as gas. I explain it here 🙂

To use this stove, you will need a stand that elevates the pot so that the flame concentrates in the center, and a windscreen to improve its heat efficiency.


Although it’s hard to see at first glance, it is built with a double wall that helps pressurize the alcohol upwards, producing a powerful flame so you can boil or cook your food quickly.

Once the water is boiling or dinner is ready, you can remove the lid from the pot, cover the stove, and extinguish the flame. Once the stove has cooled down for a few minutes, you can pour the extra fuel back into your bottle. Few alcohol stoves can do this!

Made of Grade 1 and 2 Titanium

Titanium is an extremely lightweight and strong metal. It does not rust or corrode with moisture, making it highly durable. Titanium in its purest composition is not commonly used commercially, and it is mixed with other metals to create alloys with better performance and to reduce its price. I explain it here.

To distinguish the quality of each titanium alloy, they are divided into Grades, which are regulated by an international organization called ASTM. Evernew uses a Grade 1 and 2 titanium alloy, with a thickness of only 3mm, considered the purest commercially available titanium with over 99% purity.

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  • Model STV-01
  • Weight: 20g
  • Has a very simple system, so nothing can break.
  • Comes with an orange nylon storage bag.

Measurement Table


Diameter 53mm
Width 40mm
Capacity 80g


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