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It allows the stove to work more efficiently by blocking the wind and retaining heat inside. Made of titanium, it is so lightweight and compact that you will hardly notice you are carrying it. It is also very flexible and durable.

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Ultralight Wind Screen for Stoves

Toaks Outdoors based in Thousand Oaks, Southern California (United States), is a renowned name in the world of hiking. The ultralight wind screen for stoves helps reduce boiling time and improves stove efficiency, saving you fuel.

When to Use

No stove should be without a wind screen. A stove works much better and more efficiently when used with a wind screen. Firstly, it blocks the wind, and secondly, it keeps the heat inside, which helps boil water more efficiently and saves you time and fuel.

Detail: Take a look at the image and you’ll see a series of holes at the bottom of the wind screen. These holes ensure a uniform supply of oxygen to the fire.

Cortavientos ultraligero de titanio

Photo by mtntreeco


Many users are highly satisfied with this ultralight wind screen for stoves, and in fact, many hikers report that it’s their favorite. However, some users warn about the edges.

But don’t worry. The issue is that being such a thin sheet, the edges of the ultralight titanium wind screen can be sharp. We recommend being careful when handling it for the first time. Also, some users, including ourselves, report that the sharpness reduces after the first use, and there are no handling problems.

Made from Grade 1 and 2 Titanium

Titanium is an extremely lightweight and strong metal. It doesn’t rust or corrode with moisture, making it highly durable. In its purest form, titanium is not commonly used commercially and is mixed with other metals to create alloys with better properties and to reduce costs. I explain it here.

To differentiate the quality of each titanium alloy, they are divided into Grades, regulated by an international organization called ASTM. Evernew uses a Grade 1 and 2 titanium alloy, with a thickness of only 3mm, considered the most commercially pure titanium with over 99% purity.

Warning: There are many low-quality imitations circulating on the internet. We sell the original product from the USA.


  • Model: WSC-01
  • Made of uncoated titanium.
  • Can be cut with scissors to better match the diameter of your pot or pan.
  • Sharp edges, be cautious when handling.

Measurement Table


Width 110 mm
Length 580 mm


Reviews and Ratings

  1. Ricardo  

    Increíblemente ligero, cómodo y funcional, recomendado

  2. Joaquín  

    Solo lo he probado una par de veces. Utilizo un Coleman y se ha ajustado muy bien. La verdad es que se nota, con esto solo tarda unos pocos minutos en hervir agua

  3. Juanma López  

    Fue fácil de cortar con mis tijeras de cocina para adaptarse a mi hornillo de alcohol y taza de titanio. Se conseguido aumentar el tiempo de ebullición en 3 minutos y no pesa prácticamente nada. Genial!

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