Foldable spoon-fork



Use it as both a spoon and a fork at the same time. Additionally, it is so lightweight and compact that it fits in any corner of your backpack. This versatile ultralight cutlery comes with a matte finish and a storage bag.

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Foldable Spork

Is it a spoon? Is it a fork? It’s neither, it’s a Spork! And it’s manufactured in California, USA, by Toaks Outdoor. This foldable spork weighs very little and is collapsible, which saves space, making it easy to store inside your cup.

When to Use It

The combination of kitchen utensils is a very popular choice among hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. It has become an option that helps you save space and shave off a few grams from your backpack.

If you eat dehydrated meals from bags or directly from a deep pot, it’s better to purchase a fork with a long handle.


This piece stands out for its simplicity and versatility. You can take it on your excursions and improve your comfort when eating without compromising space inside your backpack or experiencing the typical inconvenience of carrying elongated cutlery.

Made of titanium with a matte finish, it is compact and sturdy enough for everyday use. Once opened, to lock the handle, slide the central piece towards the middle.

cuchara tenedor plegable

Made of Grade 1 and 2 Titanium

Titanium is an extremely lightweight and durable metal. It does not rust or corrode with moisture, making it highly durable. Pure titanium is not typically used commercially and is mixed with other metals to create alloys with better performance and to reduce costs. Learn more here.

To distinguish the quality of each titanium alloy, they are divided into grades regulated by an international organization called ASTM. Evernew uses Grade 1 and 2 titanium alloy without coating, with a thickness of only 3mm, considered as the purest commercially available titanium with over 99% purity.

Warning: There are many low-quality imitations circulating online. We sell the original product from the USA here.


  • Model: SLV-06
  • Verified weight: 16g
  • Comes with an orange carrying bag.
  • Matte finish.

Measurements Table


Length when opened 165mm
Folded 95mm


Reviews and Ratings

  1. Juan Carlos  

    La he usado en mis ultimas salidad y por el momento, muy contento. Es resistente, ligeras y el hecho que se pueda plegar es ideal para guardarla dentro de mi cazo. La recomiendo

  2. Luis Mallo  

    Muy compacto! Funciona a la perfección

  3. Ruben  

    Ligero y muy til, me encanta su versatilidad

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