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Designed for one person to boil water or prepare simple soups or meals. It is sturdy and very durable. The rounded edges at the bottom make cleaning easy and improve heat efficiency. The handles fold for compact storage.

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650ml Titanium Mug

Toaks Outdoors, based in Thousand Oaks, Southern California (USA), is known in the outdoor community for its high-quality cookware. The 650ml titanium mug is designed for boiling water for one person. It’s perfect for preparing freeze-dried meals, soups, and hot beverages with ease.


This 650ml titanium mug is still large enough to store almost all your cooking utensils inside. Depending on the cooking system you use, you can store a stove, a Toaks foldable titanium spoon, a small knife, and a small BIC lighter. You can even wrap a titanium wind screen around the mug.

The handles are large for a secure grip and fold for more compact storage inside your backpack. Additionally, the mug has volume markings inside to allow for easier liquid measurement.


The lid has small holes for steam venting to prevent spills. Toaks has made a new design, and now it’s effortless to clean because it doesn’t have deep grooves where residue can get stuck.

As the holes are located near where the lid is held, it can get quite hot at times. Be careful when lifting it with the handle end of your spoon or any branch. The lid has three holes to allow steam to escape and prevent your pasta/rice from overflowing.

Taza de titanio ultraligera

Photo by @terenceckw

Made of Grade 1 and 2 Titanium

Titanium is an extremely lightweight and durable metal that doesn’t rust or corrode with moisture. Pure titanium is not commonly used commercially; it’s mixed with other metals to create alloys with better performance and to reduce costs. I explain more here.

To differentiate the quality of each titanium alloy, they are divided into Grades, regulated by an international organization called ASTM. Toaks uses a Grade 1 and 2 titanium alloy without coatings, with a thickness of only 3mm, considered the purest commercially available titanium with over 99% purity.


  • Model: POT-650-L
  • Titanium with a thickness of 0.3mm.
  • Includes lid.
  • Comes with an orange transport bag.

Measurement Table


Capacity 650ml
Weight without lid 60g
Weight with lid 80g
Height 97mm
Diameter 102mm


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