Compact design with a power of 2,800 kcal/h. So small it fits in a 600ml cup with the included gas canister. Ideal for tight spaces and cooking for 1 or 2 people.

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Compact Ultralight Gas Stove

The Compact Ultralight Gas Stove by Soto Outdoors, manufactured in Toyakama, Japan, stands out as the smallest in the range. Perfect for hikers seeking minimal volume without sacrificing power.

When to Use it

On routes where minimizing backpack space is essential, this stove, fitting perfectly in a 600ml pot with the included gas canister, is the top choice. Its compact design makes it the ideal pick for confined spaces.

This model works well when you need to heat water or cook for 1 or 2 people, although it’s not recommended for larger groups due to pot instability.

Compact Ultralight Gas Stove



The burner head is specially designed to evenly disperse heat even in windy conditions, while the control valve provides total control over gas output.

It’s straightforward to use, quite standard in terms of user-friendliness. The control valve’s cable is easy to locate and use when the pot is about to overflow. The pot supports remain stable throughout.

Compact Ultralight Gas Stove

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The fuel efficiency is noteworthy, maintaining a constant heat output of 2,800 kcal/h, regardless of the external temperature, be it 20 ℃ or -5 ℃. It’s effective for cooking and melting snow even in cold conditions.

Caution! If you plan to use a windscreen, prevent all heat or hot air from channeling toward the butane canister, as it could lead to overheating and a potential explosion.


  • Weight 87g
  • Power: 3200w – 2700 kcal/h – 10700 BTU
  • Piezo-electric igniter
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Storage bag

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