Nylofume Pack Liners



These bags are especially useful for keeping gear dry in wet or rainy conditions during mountain treks. They hardly add any extra weight or volume to your gear, making them an essential accessory.

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Waterproof Nylofume Pack Liners

The waterproof Nylofume Pack Liners sold by ULA-Equipment simply helps protect all the gear inside the backpack from moisture.

When to Use Them

Some hikers use a rain cover to protect the backpack when it rains or snows. Others, however, use waterproof Nylofume bags like this one. They weigh less than covers, are cheaper, and easy to repair if punctured.

Slightly thicker and more durable than a common trash bag and also lightweight (25g).


The material is transparent, which is great for seeing the items stored inside. To close the bag, simply fold the opening using a simple elastic band.

With dimensions of 53 x 93 cm, they fit most backpacks and can be trimmed to remove excess.


  • Clear nylon polymer film.
  • Sold separately.
  • Dimensions: 53 x 93 cm

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