Wood-burning stove



It consists of 3 pieces that fit perfectly together and offer a very reliable and efficient system. Made of titanium, it is strong and very lightweight.

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Ultralight Wood Stove

This lightweight wood stove is made in California, USA, by Toaks Outdoor and will be a great option if you want to combine self-sufficiency with efficiency. But above all, you won’t have to worry too much about fuel.

Recognition: This ultralight wood stove was awarded the Industrial Award 2015 by Friedrichshafen, Germany.

When to use it

When you undertake long trips where access to a fuel resupply point could be an issue, an ultralight wood stove can be a good solution. Why? Because the fuel will be all around you. Plus, nothing beats the taste of food cooked over wood after a tiring day.

There’s nothing special to explain about its operation. Simply put, it converts wood into a flame, even eliminating smoke. It might take a little practice to master the burning and stoking. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it quite easy and efficient.

Ultralight Wood Stove

Photo by @hoverlord


It consists of 3 pieces that fit perfectly together and can stack on top of each other. To prevent soot from dirtying your gear when it’s inside your backpack, it comes with a nylon carrying bag in orange color.

To maintain the flame long enough to boil water or cook food, you’ll need to gather pieces of wood about 7-10 cm long. That will fuel the stove for a good while and, most importantly, can keep you warm in very cold nights or mornings for a longer time.

Made of Grade 1 and 2 Titanium

Titanium is an extremely lightweight and durable metal that doesn’t rust or corrode with moisture. Pure titanium is not commonly used commercially; it’s mixed with other metals to create alloys with better performance and to reduce costs. I explain more here.

To differentiate the quality of each titanium alloy, they are divided into Grades, regulated by an international organization called ASTM. Toaks uses a Grade 1 and 2 titanium alloy, with a thickness of only 3mm, considered the purest commercially available titanium with over 99% purity.

Ultralight Wood Stove

Photo by @kurokawa


  • Model: STV-11.
  • Weight: 210g verified.
  • Has a very simple system, so nothing can break.
  • Comes with a nylon storage bag in orange color.

Measurement Table

Dimensions (small version)

Stored 94mm x 94mm
Assembled 94mm x183mm
Combustion chamber 74 mm x 92 mm


Reviews and Ratings

  1. Oskar  

    una compra perfecta, es fácil de usar, se mantiene bastante tiempo, y no necesitas cargar con bombonas todas la ruta, funciona bien

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