Cord 2mm Reflective Glowire



This rope is made by a handmade manufacturer. It’s highly durable, has little to no stretch, doesn’t tangle easily, and is easy to see in the dark. You can use it to tension your shelter, secure utensils, or as an emergency tool.

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2mm Ultralight Reflective Cord

The 2mm Ultralight Reflective Cord is manufactured by Lawson Equipment. It is a small artisanal company located in Florida (United States) specialized in cordage for hiking. This 2mm model has the strength, durability, and lightness required for most uses.

When to use it

You can use it to tension your shelter, hang your food bag once at the campsite, for emergency fastening on your backpack, or even to replace the cords on your boots.
It is also ideal for adding to small kitchen utensils and other smaller items that are difficult to locate if they fall to the ground 🙂


The main reason to buy this ultralight reflective cord instead of standard cordage is the woven 3M Scotchlite reflective marks.
If you want to stop tripping over invisible cords at night, then these are the ones you should use.

Made of 3M Scotchlite

Its core uses five parallel strands custom made to provide higher tensile strength. This core is then braided into various strands of polyester and 3M Scotchlite.
When heated, both materials fuse together, creating a highly strong, low to no stretch, and very lightweight ultralight reflective cord.


  • Various colors available.
  • 2mm diameter.
  • Length of 15.24 meters.
  • Breaking strength: 102 kg.
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective braiding.

Reviews and Ratings

  1. Raul Mesa  

    Tal como dice con la descripcion, la uso para tensar una lona y funciona genial

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