Hands Free Umbrella Kit



It helps you attach almost any type of umbrella to your backpack or bicycle. It can even securely hold your trekking poles without any issues. Made of durable neoprene fabric.

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Backpack umbrella holder Grip

The Hands-Free Hiking Umbrella Grip is manufactured by Six Moon Designs in the United States, and it does exactly what it needs to do: securely hold your umbrella while you hike.

When to use it

Unlike other models, the Hands-Free Umbrella Kit is designed to hold almost any umbrella. You can also easily attach your trekking poles without any issues 🙂
It’s a simple solution that adds very little weight to your backpack but prevents your umbrella or trekking poles from swinging from side to side while you walk.


  • Weight: 10 grams.
  • Color: Black.

Reviews and Ratings

  1. Juan  

    lo compré a la vez que el paraguas de la misma marca y se sujeta bien a la hombrera. funciona

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