Ultralight pole 5S



Use it to lift lightweight tarps and tents that don’t use poles. Made of carbon fiber, it is flexible, strong, and extremely lightweight. Designed to be folded and stored inside the backpack.

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Ultralight 5-Section Carbon Fiber Pole

The Ultralight 5-Section Carbon Fiber Pole is manufactured by Six Moon Designs, an American company. It is more durable and lighter than aluminum poles. This new 5-section version is even smaller and easier to store.

When to use it

Many ultralight tarps and tents do not come with poles for setup and instead utilize trekking poles to pitch them. This eliminates an element from your backpack, reducing weight and volume.
Therefore, the ultralight poles are an alternative for those hikers who do not carry trekking poles and need something very light to set up their shelter. Use it for SMD shelters.


The Ultralight 5-Section Carbon Fiber Pole from Six Moon Designs folds into 5 sections of 38cm each. This means it won’t protrude above your backpack and get caught in tree branches. You can secure it to the side or simply store it inside your backpack.
It is between 40% to 60% lighter than conventional poles, which is often overlooked as a way to reduce the weight of your backpack. However, it can have a significant impact if you utilize it. Consider it as one of the final steps to “shaving grams” from your backpack.

How to set it up

When setting up your shelter, tension it first with the stakes until you see the pole start to create a slight curve. Then, loosen it slightly until the pole is completely vertical. This tension should be sufficient to keep your shelter stable, even in strong winds.


  • Available in 2 different lengths.
  • Weight: 60 grams.
  • Manufactured and customized by Easton Mountain Products.

Compatibility Charts


114cm Pole Skyscape – Scout (2 poles)
Skyscape Trekker (2 poles)
Lunar Duo Outfitter (2 poles)
Lunar DuoExplorer (2 poles)
Haven Tarp (2 poles)
Haven NetTent (2 poles)
Gatewood Cape (1 pole)
Serenity NetTent (1 pole)



125cm Pole Lunar Solo (1 pole)
Deschutes Tarp (1 pole)
Deschutes Plus (1 pole)
Gatewood Cape (1 pole)


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