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There is more space than in a bivy sack with a mosquito net, its base is also protected, and it can be set up in many ways. With a very lightweight, it offers complete protection against even the smallest insects.

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Bivouac Mosquito Net

The Mantis bivouac mosquito net is made by Equinox in Pennsylvania (United States) and is designed to protect only your upper body when bivouacking.

When to Use It

A bivouac mosquito net is an essential item for those nights with or without a tarp in places with many insects. If you sleep in a bivvy bag, it will only protect the upper part of your body, the only area that remains exposed.

To set it up, you only need your own poles or a small mast. Some people also use sticks or branches. Of course, you can set it up in pyramid-style shelters by attaching it to the central pole.

bivouac mosquito net

Photo by @sleep_hiker


It has a zippered entrance, a lock cord to tighten it, and holes in each corner to secure it to the ground and prevent it from moving. When set up properly, it is spacious enough to be comfortable and handle items without your face being pressed against the fabric.

Compared to other models on the market, the Mantis bivouac mosquito net is fully enclosed. It even has a mosquito net on the ground, preventing insects from entering through ground openings 🙂

bivouac mosquito net

Photo by @gearstock

Made of No-See-Um

No-See-Um is a very thin, durable, and light polyester mesh. It is thick enough to keep even the smallest insect pests at bay.


  • Weight 127gr.
  • Includes storage bag.
  • 81cm in height, 82cm wide, and 81cm long.

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