Lid TI D80mm



Compatible with the Toaks 375ml and Toaks 450ml cups, which we also sell at SuperLight. It has small vent holes for steam release, a foldable handle, and is designed without deep grooves for easier cleaning.

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Ultralight Titanium Lid D80mm

The Ultralight Titanium Lid D80mm designed and manufactured by Toaks Outdoor, based in Thousand Oaks, Southern California (United States), is as sturdy as the rest of the products from the same brand. Please note that this lid is only compatible with Toaks cups 375ml and Toaks 450ml.

Be Careful When Choosing the Size!

There’s only one way to be dissatisfied with this product, and that’s if it doesn’t fit your cup. Therefore, you must pay attention and choose the right size that you need. These are the compatible cups:

When to Use It

This is often overlooked as a way to reduce the weight of your backpack. However, it can have a significant impact if used properly. The lids allow us to increase the heat efficiency of our containers. Together, the stove and cup make liquids reach boiling point faster and, consequently, save fuel in the long run, resulting in less weight.

Warning: There are many low-quality imitations circulating on the internet. We sell the original product from the USA.


At first glance, it may seem like any other lid, but there are some details to mention. It has small holes for steam venting, which is essential to prevent spills.

Additionally, Toaks has designed it well, making it very easy to clean because it lacks deep grooves where food can get stuck. We have been using them, and we can confirm that even after several years of use, they still fit perfectly like the first day.

Detail: Since the holes are right next to where you hold the lid, they can sometimes become quite hot. To avoid burning yourself, you can lift it with the end of your spoon or any twig.


  • Model: LID-80
  • Titanium with a thickness of 0.3mm
  • Comes with lid
  • Includes an orange carrying bag.

Measurement Table


Compatible Cups 375ml – 450ml
Diameter 80mm


Reviews and Ratings

  1. Jaime Arjona  

    La he comprado junto con la taza de 375ml, Envío rápido y seguro, un 10

  2. Chema  

    Elemento básico bien diseñado, hace lo que debe.

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