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Helps keep your sleeping bag clean and protected from dirt and sweat while increasing thermal comfort. Made from a very lightweight nylon fabric.

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Sleeping Bag Liner

The Liner Wide sleeping bag liner, manufactured by the Polish company Cumulus, is an ideal option for keeping your sleeping bag clean during your journey. Weighing just 70 grams, it not only helps maintain hygiene but also enhances thermal comfort.

When to Use

It’s perfect for protecting your sleeping bag from dirt and sweat, reducing the need for frequent washing and extending its lifespan, adding only 71 grams of additional weight to your backpack.

Additionally, it provides an extra layer of insulation, improving heat retention and allowing a slight decrease in your sleeping bag’s limit of comfort temperature.

Sleeping Bag Liner

Photo by @cumulus_outdoor


Its minimalist and lightweight design easily fits all sizes of sleeping bags.

Made of Toray Nylon

Toray Airtastic is a fabric developed by the Japanese company Toray Industries. It’s known for being an ultralight and highly breathable fabric, designed for high-performance garments that require an excellent balance between weight and wind protection.

Cumulus has used this fabric for the Liner Wide sleeping bag liner, with a fabric weighing 19 g/m² of 7 deniers and DWR finish, achieving a perfect balance between blocking cold wind and allowing adequate breathability.

Sleeping Bag Liner

Photo by @cumulus_outdoor


  • Color: Meteoritte Black Toray.
  • Weight: 71g
  • For individuals up to 205cm tall
  • Top width: 88cm
  • Bottom width: 66cm
  • Includes a storage bag with a capacity of 0.5L
  • One size fits all.

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