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This ultralight shelter provides complete protection from the weather and insects. With two side entrances and vestibules, it allows you to store your gear on one side and prepare meals on the other. Made from 100% polyester coated with silicone, it offers waterproofing, tear resistance, and durability. It’s a versatile and reliable option for outdoor enthusiasts who want to stay protected and organized during their adventures.

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Mástil ultraligero de 5 secciones

Skyscape Trekker Ultralight Solo Tent

The Skyscape Trekker ultralight solo tent is designed by Six Moon Designs in the United States. It is slightly larger than the Luna Solo and uses 2 trekking poles, making it more resistant to wind and providing access from both sides.

When to Use It

You can primarily use it in 3 seasons (spring, summer, and fall). With an incredibly low weight for a 1-person tent, it offers total protection against insects and weather.

Use 2 carbon fiber poles or your own trekking poles for setup (not included). When combined with the 5 anchor stakes (not included), you get a stable and secure shelter against strong winds. The reason for not including poles and stakes is to reduce the price and allow you to choose your own fixing system.


The Skyscape Trekker has a single-pole structure and uses the “reverse tension” technique to maximize interior space. This means the side walls extend outward and upward, providing more head and shoulder room. The design also includes excellent ventilation, helping to reduce condensation buildup and keep the interior of the tent dry.

It features 2 side entries with vestibules, both accessible from the outside through zippers and mesh. When the weather is nice, you can easily roll up both vestibules to achieve perfect ventilation and bid farewell to condensation 🙂

Skyscape Trekker ultralight solo tent

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Made of Silicone-Coated Polyester

Polyester is a popular fabric that performs well in all kinds of weather conditions. It has low elasticity, absorbs minimal water in damp conditions, and is resistant to UV rays from the sun. Additionally, this polyester is coated with a silicone layer that enhances tear and water resistance.

To keep the weight so low, the Skyscape Trekker ultralight solo tent is constructed with a 20-denier density and 40-denier base for increased strength and durability.

Skyscape Trekker ultralight solo tent


  • Color: Green.
  • Designed for 3 seasons (spring, summer, fall).
  • 2 side entries.
  • 2 vestibules.
  • Capacity: 1 person.
  • Includes storage bag.
  • Includes guylines.
  • Does NOT include stakes (requires 5).
  • Does NOT include poles.
  • Storage bag size: 38 x 12 cm.

Measurement Tables

Skyscape Trekker ultralight solo tent

Weight 790g
Capacity 2.2m2
Vestibule 1.4m2 (2 vestibules)
Interior Height 1.1m


Outer Tent 20D Silicone-Coated Polyester
Base 40D Silicone-Coated Polyester
Mosquito Net 20D
Zippers 3 YKK

Reviews and Ratings

  1. Alberto Prieto  

    La compre antes de verano por he precio y poco peso, y la he utilizado un par de veces en el Pirineos, durante 10 días combinado algunas piquetas de titanio de toaks y un proyector de suelo polycro. Todo fue bien y solo tuve un par de noches con tormenta eléctrica, donde tuve un poco de condensación, pero no lo suficientemente malo como para preocuparme.

  2. Robert  

    Ligero, buena relación precio-peso, fuerte y grande.

  3. Cristobal  

    Aguantó durante una gran tormenta en su primer viaje a escocía. Puedo asegurar que totalmente impermeable. Me quedé 100% seco. La calidad fue mucho más allá de lo que esperaba por el precio.

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